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  • S320 Series General Purpose Drives
S320 Series General Purpose Drives

S320 Series General Purpose Drives

S320 series 

S320 series is a general current vector driver, which is mainly used to control and adjust the speed and torque of three-phase AC asynchronous motor. The series has user programmable function, communication bus function, supports a variety of encoder types, rich and powerful combination functions and stable performance. It can be used for machine tools, metal products, wires and cables, plastics, printing and packaging, textile and chemical fiber, building materials, oil fields, fans, water pumps and various automatic drives.

3 phase 380V 0.75-15kw

Speed control accuracy: ± 0.3%

Speed control range: 1:200

Torque control response: 150% rated torque / 0Hz

Rich encoder card

It is suitable for OC, push-pull, differential and other encoders

Perfect protection function

With overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, IGT short circuit, grounding

Inverse time overload protection design, safety protection under various abnormal working conditions

Unique dead time compensation

Ensure stable torque output at low frequency

Unique oscillation suppression function

Mechanical resonance point without frequency hopping

Rich input and output interfaces

6-channel digital input;

2 analog inputs;

1 RS485 interface

2 analog outputs, of which AO1 supports 0-10V or 0-20mA selection

AO2 supports 0-10V or high-speed pulse output selection

2 programmable relay outputs and 1 programmable collector output

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